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Comics / Illustrations.

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About Me

I’m a freelance comic artist and an illustrator, from France.

Most of my work features the female form; even If I do a bunch of other things but it’s generally my work featuring women that you’ll cross through the Internet.
I'm actually working as Cover Artist for Dynamite , working on character such as Vampirella or Red sonja.
I’ve worked as an illustrator mostly,for pin-up tubes but also for a webserie where I've also did some concept designs.
Also done some arts for independant video games studios ; video clips and often do some character design/covers/pin-ups and commissions for various people/small publishers.


-Dynamite (cover artist)
-CILM (tubes)
-PSP tubes emporium (tubes)
-Virgin/Mp3 minutes "chronique des ombres" (charadesign, illustration,concept)
-Alter Action (illustration,story board)
-DC comics/ Zuda /comics(author)
- Moz / french band(Clips visuals)
-Copic / Demonstrator
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